Glass & Vape

Glass & Vape

Know that at Terrapin Station, we require a valid driver's license in order to verify your birth date. We do not serve anyone under the legal age at the pipe counter!




So you/ve been doing a little research and learned that "a vaporizer directs electrically conducted heat through herbs, oils or concentrates so that active concentrates melt and create aromatic vapor."  

And now you've been looking & wondering if a personal vaporizer is worth the money. You're probably wondering if you're picking the right device.

We're here to make your decision easy. Yes! Definitely get one. You are going to love having a vaporizer, especially one of the ones that we like. They last a long time and are great for you.

Here's why:

1. It's better for your lungs. When you smoke, 110+ things enter your body. You vaporize and only 3 do. It's really that much better. Vapor doesn't contain any tars or toxic gasses.

2. It's basically odorless. Think your neighbors can smell your habit? Have roommates who get annoyed? All your worries will be gone.

3. It's much cheaper. If you smoke regularly at all, a good vaporizer will save you its cost in a matter of months.


What will you do for fun on Thanksgiving break?

learn to make chili - 8%
check out bikram yoga - 12.6%
volunteer at the food pantry - 11.5%
get a big start on that paper coming up - 11.5%
Will clean the house, well, pick up anyway... - 28.7%
maybe be a secret Santa - 10.3%
get something new to decorate the walls - 17.2%
get a look at my pagan friend's Solstice gift wish list! - 0%

Total votes: 87
The voting for this poll has ended on: 01 Dec 2015 - 00:00
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